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index3Re-balance your relationship with food and lose weight naturally
Would you like to lose weight naturally and easily and not have to go through the deprivation of the dreaded diet?

At Healing Well we understand the reasons behind your struggle with your weight.

Food is a large part of our lives; we go out to dinner to celebrate, we have cakes to celebrate weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Very often as children we were encouraged to clear our plates. We were offered yummy treats when we did, or even treats for just being good. We began to associate food with comfort.

Therefore at times of stress it seems natural that we might reach for that chocolate bar or the biscuit tin in search of that same comforting feeling. However this feeling of comfort is short-lived. It is usually followed by guilt: ‘There I go again, I’m supposed to be on a diet. Why did I just eat all those chocolates?’

When this happens our relationship with food becomes disturbed. Eating becomes less about nourishment and more about filling an emotional gap.

Help for losing weight in North London
Hypnotherapy uses a combination of deep relaxation, visualisation and suggestion. This can replace the bad relationship you have with food with new feelings of pride, pleasure and confidence in yourself and the choices you make around food. Your relationship with food is ‘re-programmed’. You begin to feel better about yourself and start to lose weight naturally and effectively. You take back control.

If your weight loss goal is short-term then you may require one to three sessions of suggestion therapy. When over- or under-eating is masking deeper psychological issues such as a serious eating disorder, combining hypnotherapy with some focussed counselling sessions may be more beneficial.

Using this method of combining counselling and hypnotherapy will help you to achieve a healthier relationship with food, allowing your mind and body to work together to achieve your natural weight.

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