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Stop smoking easily with hypnosis and hypnotherapy,
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index2Quit cigarettes for good in just one easy session!
Using a combination of hypnosis, psychology and suggestion, thousands of smokers have quit smoking for good in one easy 90-minute session. The powerful IAPH method used by us at Healing Well has a success rate of over 95%.

The Smoking Act 2007
In July 2007 the Smoking Act came into force, prohibiting smoking in any enclosed public space, such as bars and restaurants. If you are a smoker, this will have made your life even harder than it already is. You will have been used to going to the ‘naughty smokers’ corner’ outside the office to light up. Now you are unable to have a cigarette in your favourite bar! Not only that, all your friends seem to be giving up too!

Do your clothes and breath smell like an ashtray? Are you sent outside every time you visit your non-smoking friends – whom you can’t wait to leave so that you can have a cigarette without feeling like a social outcast? All these things are bad but as a smoker you tolerate them, because the rewards you get from smoking simply outweigh any inconvenience.

• You feel bad – you smoke.
• Your boss/wife/mother/husband/traffic annoy you – you smoke.
• You work hard, you want to reward yourself – you smoke.

And yet deep down you know it’s not doing you any good. You are told by all around you that you should give up. So you try.

Then you don’t see any immediate benefit. The boss/wife/mother/husband/traffic still annoy you. Only this time you have given up the only thing that helped relieve the stress and helped you relax.

All the benefits of giving up – health, cost, smell – seem too distant. You feel as though you are giving up something that made life’s irritations bearable, for no immediate return. No wonder you feel tense and difficult to live with!

Hypnotherapy – changing your mind about smoking…
How would it be then if you could stop smoking easily and feel great at the same time?

How would it be if, using a deeply relaxing hypnotherapy, session positive suggestion could be placed in your subconscious so that you really did feel calmer, more confident, and more relaxed?

What if all the situations that previously stressed you – those situations where you would always smoke – instead made you happier, calmer and actually more confident?

Would it be easy to be a non-smoker then? Of course it would!

If you really want to give up smoking there is no better time than now and no better way than with the IAPH way!

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